Pure Artist

Performance „Pure Artist“,
"Under Construction – build the future",
Bocholt, Germany,
May 2016.

Under the influence of the racism and discrimination policy, In his “The New Racism” Martin Barker describes the contemporary racism forms as a modern or new racism and names it “a racism without a race” or “a racism without a racism” in order to describe a bypass form or a way of discrimination as legal. That is, by affirmation of unequal relations, he points out at the fact that racism and discrimination are not only the elements of domination, but they are exclusion factors as well. “Pure Artist” performance is multi-valued and it has a broader comprehension between the need and the action which reflects upon a state of mind, where both the demands of elite culture and daily norms are incited.

The performance creates a real visual experience of the artist’s work whose identity and acting rise from spatial actions open to the public and where the scene of bathing in black “dirty water” represents the state of incapacity to perform the action and facing the resistance. The (un)pleasant feeling of the audience in an “intimate” gallery space (access available) or outside of it implies the incapacity of social inclusion/participation, since the performance does not invoke typical behavioral norms; this act becomes inaccessible and inappropriate in terms of normal behavior. The very act simultaneously becomes a sphere of the public and privacy with a vanished boundary, while the author communicates with present and objective circumstances via his position, situation and action.

“Pure Artist” is a code for any individual, which actually represents skill, ability and originality in keeping oneself sane, in filtering and choosing, while discarding all surplus elements in the performance - types of relations, method and absurd that make an artist/man clean. Photo: Vagaram Choudhary, Anke Hochgartz and Bärbel Möllmann